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writer retreat
This one looks run down, but you can’t beat the setting! Tons of great castles and chateaux in the area, we’ll probably drive around and see what else we can find. http://www.selectionhabitat.com/agence-immobiliere/38775/immobilier/aveyron/sud-aveyron/chateau.html?page=1
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This is the insanely picturesque Château de la Motte Chandeniers.  I found the following description of its history. In the midst of a large mass of wood stands the castle of Motte-Chandeniers former fief reported to the king. From the thirteenth century the manor, then called Motte Bauçay was owned by the illustrious family Bauçay. On...
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A lot of people have asked, why a castle? Why not just buy some amazing, modern apartments. Castles are old and dirty and uncomfortable… wouldn’t writers rather be in an air-conditioned apartment? It’s a reasonable question – especially when I look at apartments like this one in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France. It’s breathtaking – and over $862,000...
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