Rewards and pricing

I wrote all this a year ago when I was planning on buying a castle and crowdsourcing it – something I still hope to do in the future. However since I’ll be renting in 2016, the following information doesn’t apply.

How it will work

To make this hap­pen, I’m going to offer a lim­ited num­ber of pub­lish­ing and coach­ing pack­ages, which will prob­a­bly be priced thusly (or, maybe not – depends whether I use Kickstarter or IndieGogo; the type of property; whether I align myself more with writer’s and authors or young entrepreneurs who want a co-working space to build their digital empires).

These packages will include full room and board.

$10,000 for a 3 week full-time coach­ing program with services

Either the 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform or the 21 Day Profitable Online business.

We’ll work you through and help you actually build everything you need to launch a successful online platform that starts making money. This higher tier includes custom design, formatting, websites and services. We do it all for you – exceptionally professional branding, logos, the works.

$5000 for a 3 week full-time coach­ing program

Just the courses, we’ll help you and walk you through everything, but you’ll need to do the work yourself or hire your own designers. But there will be plenty of group feedback and brainstorming to get the support you need and we’re still confident you can make your first sale before you leave.

We’ll also have an exclu­sive Face­book group for follow-up ques­tions, account­abil­ity and encour­age­ment, and check in with you weekly for 90 days to make sure you get your book fin­ished. There will only be about 30 slots open for these pro­grams each month.

$1000 for a special one week crash course

The same 3 week course but condensed into a one week stay – you’ll have early access to all the course material to prepare before you come.

$500 for the online version

Full Udemy course access with dozens of detailed videos, you can still access the group areas and member’s Facebook page for personal feedback and advice. We’ll give you some extra special bonuses and a coupon you can exchange for a 3 night stay at the castle anytime after the first year.

$100 for the Udemy Course online

Less access to other members and personal feedback, but still the same training.

$50 for the creed poster, recognition as supporter

And some other stuff to let you know you’re appreciated. Be a part of the movement and the journey, help to see this dream realized, and call yourself a patron of the arts.

$25 for the poster and ebook

I’ll be writing a companion ebook about this process called “how to buy a castle with no money down.”

$1 for the ebook and a high print file of the poster you can print yourself.


That’s if I used Kickstarter, which has a max level at $10,000.

However, since I’ll need to fundraise several million, I really want to add higher level options for sponsorships and special guests.

Knight — $25,000 for 6 months

A very spe­cial six month pro­gram for seri­ous authors (or entrepreneurs), which will include 1-on-1 coach­ing. You can attend all the meet­ings or events you choose to, get daily feed­back, encour­age­ment and moti­va­tion to fin­ish your book. We’ll also help you edit and for­mat your book, design it for print and ebook for­mats, and make you a win­ning cover design. We can even help you build your web­site or plat­form and man­age your book launch.

Think about how much you typ­i­cally spend in six months on rent, trans­porta­tion, food, enter­tain­ment and going out. I’ll be sur­prised if you don’t spend less while you’re here. Of course the main issue is work. But if you start sav­ing up, you could prob­a­bly take six months off and have some­one watch your house or apart­ment with­out the sky falling.

Includes $3000 worth of pub­lish­ing ser­vices or web design for free.

Duke — $40,000 for one year

Every­thing in the six month pack­age, just cheaper. Besides hav­ing the expe­ri­ence of a life­time, you’ll have fin­ished at least one book (or started your prof­itable busi­ness), met a ton of amaz­ing peo­ple, built a pro­fes­sional online blog and a plat­form that kicks ass. PLUS you get to say in your author bio, “I wrote this book liv­ing like roy­alty in a lux­u­ri­ous castle.”

$5000 worth of pub­lish­ing ser­vices or web design for free.

Roy­alty — $100,000 for five years

For this price you get a seat at the round table: you’ll be a part­ner. Live with us for 5 years. Help us grow, and at the end of the five years, we’ll refund $25,000! In the mean­time you get unlim­ited sup­port to help develop and grow your empire; you get to be a piece of history.

These prices may change, and “all inclu­sive” will prob­a­bly mean an open kitchen and a chef, plus meals — but not snacks and alcohol.

We’ll also offer some cul­tural expe­ri­ences and tours, and per­haps bring in a daily lan­guage tutor so you can learn a new lan­guage dur­ing your stay (always a use­ful skill). We’ll have plenty of leisure activ­i­ties and fun, but the pri­or­ity will be pro­vid­ing the space to do the work. That means manda­tory silent areas (or times), account­abil­ity and plan­ning ses­sions, and a very struc­tured but iso­lated world of cre­ative inspi­ra­tion and motivation.

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