Have your own community? Want to set your own course?

No problem.

We’ll probably charge a base of $5000 / 3 weeks per person (not set it stone).

And we may want you to bring at least 20 people to cover the month (instead of having 2 groups doing different things and needing to split the common areas).

But if you have a big community you could probably charge much more than that for a 3 week, intensive course or retreat in a castle. If you charge $10,000, you’d get to keep the extra $5k – so for 20 people you’d earn $100,000.

Not bad for a month’s work; and you won’t have to worry about accommodation, food, activities, etc – we’ll help out with whatever you need to run a super successful event.

Offering an event in a castle will be much easier to sell than offering the same event at a nice hotel (and three weeks at a hotel would probably cost more!).

Less work for you, much cooler location, more profit – and more prestige, because you’re an awesome person who holds events in ancient castles.

We’ll need to do some planning and you’d need to presell on your end and then probably by a bulk package on the Kickstarter campaign, we’ll get those details sorted later.

For now contact me if you’re interested so we can save some space for you.


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