Do you really need a writer’s retreat?

Somebody commented on my Facebook post recently saying,

Non-pretentious writers don’t care where they write.

And that’s kind of true. You need to write wherever you are. Despite the circumstances. So why would you pay to go to a writer’s retreat?

1. Unblock

Sometimes you just get stuck. If you’ve never traveled or done anything really different, you need to shake things up. Traveling will give you a different perspective. As will meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds. As will our built in creativity boosting tools, programs and resources.

2. Community

It doesn’t necessarily take a community to make a bestseller, but it sure helps. It helps if you know other authors in your genre. More than that, it gives you more confidence as a writer, to learn that even bestselling authors struggle with the same issues. Get support, feedback, and invaluable recommendations on how to improve your book from experts.

3. Story

Having a powerful and interesting author story matters. Maybe you don’t have one. If so, finishing your book in a castle may help. Being involved in a movement with identifiable values will too.

But actually…

For most people who come for a month, daily writing will not be the focus of your stay. They will have finished their book already, and be thinking about cleaning it up, improving the product and building their platform quickly for a powerful launch.

Paying for a writer’s retreat where all you do is write… I can understand how that may sound dumb. Why not save money and stay home? But if you’re preparing to launch your book, you may be thinking of spending money on marketing, advertising, author websites, and better design – plus you’ll be reading dozens of books. But it might not all ‘sink in’ and can feel overwhelming.

In those cases, I think I can provide you with a lot of value if you come to my castle. You’ll probably spend about the same as you would on all the combined services, with the added benefit of having experts in the same room to actually show you how to do everything and walk you throw it.

But why a castle?

Why not just a nice villa, or hotel in the USA somewhere?

That’s better off saved for another post, which I’ll continue right now: “Location Matters.”

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