This is a sample – I’ll be making exceptionally awesome posters of this creed to use as one of the lower level backer rewards. Share if you agree with the value propositions!

I am a magnificent creative being.

My work is appreciated and valued.

I am productive and passionate about my work.

I love spending time with other creative people. I support others,  and in return, they support me. I seek out opportunities to collaborate with other successful people.

I don’t need to suffer in isolation, or trade luxury and comfort for creative inspiration. My income is limitless. The more I produce, the more I will earn.

My life is fueled by beauty, enthusiasm and gratitude. I challenge myself to think and dream bigger. I give myself permission to believe in impossible goals, because I know the only limits in life are those I set for myself.

I believe in the extraordinary, and I dedicate myself to all things radical, revolutionary and in service of others. My passion and energy is richly rewarded. The things I seek are seeking me. Everything in my life is working out perfectly, and I use my success to help others find theirs.

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