I can see myself living here. The chateaux is tasteful, the interior modern and simple.

It has a rooftoop patio and magnificent views.

From what I understand, it’s 13th century but the inside has been completely redone. So on the one hand, it losses a lot of the unique properties that make castles awesome. (High ceilings with big wooden beams; medieval decorations, etc).


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There are 4 stand alone apartments, plus a main major one with 4 separate rooms, so it could probably accommodate about 10 people at a time. On the one hand, this makes it much smaller and cozier. Not as good for the big events and fun stuff I was planning.

But if this is really a place to get shit done, then maybe it’s better. Same thing about the modern remodeling; not as cool, but probably much more comfortable and convenient.

However, if you’re looking for comfort and convenience, you’d probably just stay at a great hotel – for $100 a night you can stay in an amazing place for around $3000 a month – why would you pay more to stay here? Unless it was an amazing, totally unique, medieval experience (right? Or perhaps I can increase the value with more coaching, training, services, extra stuff… but that’s more work for me. It would be easier to let the property itself by the value, without the addons.)

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