No doubt about it, this is the one I want. It’s fairy-tale perfect.

I love the stone, the fireplaces, the view – the large old desk and arched windows.

I don’t have a price yet but my guess is expensive, around 10million usd? More?

The interesting thing is, few people would be able to use a property like this. It wouldn’t really make sense for a family home or getaway (though if I were rich, I would totally buy it for my vacation property.)

But for a writer’s retreat? It’s perfect.

I’m not very interested in running a normal writer’s retreat, at a less amazing place. I’m not interested in renting, or small cottages or hotels. I’m not even very interested in a nice but not incredible 1 million dollar property. I’m reading “Go Bold” and it’s convinced me that my dream is achievable, but it will be easier to go big than to go medium.

A nice, interesting chateau? Kind of cool. Nice idea.


Unbelievable. That’s the response I need to get. I need people to be really, really excited. Overzealous.

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It’s 7.6 million EU… which means, I need to make a million dollars and then get 7 friends with a million dollars to split it with me. Or, I need 2000 people to pay $5000 to stay there.

Or, I can pay two million now and pay about $50,000 a month on a 30 year mortgage.

The bigger and more amazing the castle, the easier it’s going to be to get people to come and join.

So this 7.6million castle may actually be a much easier sell than a million dollar chateaus I’ve been looking at. And, I believe, it’s got 10 modern flats at the base, plus some outbuildings (farm, workshop, etc). So much potential.


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