Toulouse medieval village with rustic charm

I know by now my best bet will be a ginormous castle that looks like a ‘real’ castle, with luxurious old furnishings to die for. It’s got to have history and style to attract writers who love bygone eras, but enough comfort and bling to make entrepreneurs looking for a great place to start their new businesses feel like they aren’t missing out on their fancy coffee shops. And it’s got to be modern enough to have blazing fast internet and some kind of climate control so it doesn’t get too hot or cold.

Alas, this property doesn’t meet most of those stipulations… but that won’t stop me from fantasizing. It’s like a real little micro-medieval city, about a thousand years old, with many original features. I can see turning it into a health club or somewhere to go and experience the hardships of real medieval living. Which would be fun… but not exactly the plan for creative castle.

On the other hand, I keep coming back to this one, and it’s appealing to me more and more. It has promise. It has potential. 





And I know those are dangerous words, as many expats have bought French historical property and ended up spending an extra 1million+ just to renovate it. And while, on the one hand, I think that would be a lot of fun, I also need to make sure I’ve got the funds to make it happen – and even then it won’t be as comfortable as other more modern buildings.

That said… you can go stay in a 5star hotel anywhere in the world. This is a real medieval town – you can step back in time and experience history in an entirely new way. There’s even chimneys for boiling your own tar to dump on intruders (you’ll need it for the zombie apocalypse).


The main building is 15th/17th century, but it’s surrounded by a stone wall that’s 13th century – all with lots of original features.




It also looks like the surroundings forests are pretty thick.


As long as you’re getting out of the city, why not really get out of the city?

Inside there’s all kinds of large open spaces to fix up and make comfortable.


rustic furnishing style


There’s also areas that need a lot more work: They’d take time to renovate but we also have more control of what happens. (For example, I’ve always wanted a dark room – where you can shut out all light for 3 days and reset your brain completely; these often lead to metaphysical experiences. I could use the following for that – or maybe for a “float tank” which are also great for creativity).


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And if that seems like too much work; there are other areas that look better, almost move-in ready. There’s even a pool table.




And though it may seem cute or quaint, it’s still a pretty massive building.



25779-03 25779-01


This is the kind of place I could turn into a whole sustainable ecosystem, with carefully developed tools aimed at a massive life and creativity reset (1 month fasting/fresh foods, nothing packaged/10pm strict electricity off/ a 21 day total life overhaul using ancient techniques, exercises, coaching and counseling, group therapy, etc).

Again, that’s not exactly what I would do or what I had planned to do with creative castle: we could also just make this super comfortable and modern enough to get a lot of work down without the temptations of city life.

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