When I first had this idea, people told me it was dumb.

It’s risky. It’s not safe. It’s bad business. You’ll lose money.

They said I should rent. But I wasn’t interested.

And I’m kind of right, because….

Renting isn’t remarkable. I can’t put up a Kickstarter campaign saying “I want to rent a castle to run some events.” That’s not cool. It won’t get shared. People won’t support it.

Buying a castle from Kickstarter is cool.

It’s much more likely to get shared, and thus funded.

But I’m having doubts.

Because – for $1million all I can buy are pretty run down, beat up castles… certainly not luxury. Fun and cool, but… not magical.

I only need 100 people to pay $10,000 to raise 1 million. That won’t be hard, if I can make it worthwhile.

At first I was thinking of offering a lot of services/coaching.

But I already work hard enough already. I don’t really want to spend all my time at these amazing places working. Plus, people aren’t going to travel halfway around the world just for services and coaching.

But they will for the experience, the companionship. They will if the property is so opulent it makes you drool and rub your eyes in disbelief.

And I can’t offer that if I buy my own castle. I’d have to buy all the furniture. Decorate it. Modernize it. That will cost millions extra.

And just now I was looking at rental properties. I can rent a furnished chateaux or castle – much much nicer than the ones I’ve been looking at – for $25,000 to $50,000 a month. So for that same million, I could rent an amazing, ready to live in, perfect, breathtaking place for a couple years.

It’s not as cool or exciting, but the opportunity is actually better: backers pay the same money but get a seriously upgraded room – instead of slumming it they’ll be at the peak of luxury unlike any they’ve encountered.

And that’s not the exciting part.

The exciting part is, by renting, I’ll be able to change places every year.

So I can stay the first year at a Medieval castle in France.

The second year a 12th century fortress outside of Florence.

The third year an apartment on the Amalfi Coast.

Every year I could add another, new, thrilling, life-changing resort luxury property.

(Maybe not limited to Europe, we could go global).

I actually dreamed of something like this as a kid:

That I would buy luxury houses all of the world and let people join to move around and live in them.

If it sounds like a time-share, it kind of is: I’d be allowing people to afford a month at a luxury property that they couldn’t afford on their own, by helping them organize. But more than that, it would be an exclusive membership focused on creativity, mutual support and growth, and productivity.

The emphasis would still be on doing the creative work and I would still make that the primarily ambition. This wouldn’t be a resort vacation. It would be a coworking space, a startup incubator, a writing retreat – just one better than anybody has ever done before.

Unlike some shitty Time Share (I got burned on a Time Share in Mexico: $6000 for nothing, terrible customer service and I can never book my weeks) I would personally be responsible for making sure you had an amazing experience and got more than your money’s worth.

I’ve organized huge events before – summer camps with hundreds of kids (planned the entire program, trained the staff, did everything). I’ve dealt with large budgets before: managing tens of thousands of dollars a week on food order (I ran a kitchen as head chef for an outdoor school).

I have a lot of exactly the kind of experience I need to pull this off. Plus the vision, and the actually knowledge in building online businesses and publishing/marketing books, to offer more than just the sum of parts. More than a month at a luxury property surrounded by 20+ other brilliantly creative world-changers. I would make it my mission to enhance, not just your month-long experience, but your whole life from that point forward, by speeding up your projects and helping them succeed.

Sorry for spinning my wheels, I’m obvious excited and obviously still sorting out how this can function to give you the best possible experience. Once I have all the details sorted I’ll put together a mind-blowing offer you won’t be able to refuse.


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