Tiny houses and tree house villages: eco houses and sustainable living…with a castle.

Ever since watching Dee Williams talk about tiny houses at the World Domination Summit last year I knew I wanted some around my castle. The castles I’ve looked at usually have under 10 rooms (although some monsters have over 20, but those often cost over 5mill.)

A lot of chateaus or castles already have a bunch of outbuildings which could be used for residences. But I really want people to have their own space they can retire to when they need a break. And putting up 5 or 10 tiny houses around the property gives me space for events or a sudden influx of extra people – and I want to be able to have beds ready for drop-in special guests.

I was prepared to use something simple like this: comfortable and private enough, and people can wake up and join the gang in the main castle for breakfasts and chats, then find their favorite corner to do some work in.



But then I saw these treehouses from Blue Forest.

BlueForest_TreeHouse___2_gallery-image TREE HOUSE 3


How cool are those? Now I want a whole Robin Hood tree village. Something like the Ewok town in Star Wars. And we can thow in some hobbit homes.



Or cute A-frame cottages.

I figure these extra houses will cost about $25,000 usd to build including solar panels that generate enough electricity to charge your laptops and phones.


Hopefully I can find some experts or architects willing to come over to France and help coordinate the project (maybe in exchange for your own permanent tiny house on the property?) Or at least some handy construction fellows – we can buy plans and materials or get something designed but will need help putting it together.

Building tiny houses helps me connect with couple larger movements: eco-friendly housing, sustainability, and also minimalism/tiny living. While buying a castle may not seem very minimalist, I think buying one big property and sharing it among many writers rather than each of us buying our own little $250K house makes a lot of sense.

I was inspired by the “Eco Chateau” which is trying to do something similar: http://www.eco-chateau.com; they are offering co-ownership packages. So instead of $5K for a month’s stay, I could offer $100K for your own mini house next to a castle in France, as a permanent home away from home (or for sponsors to buy, and gift or use to build their own platforms).

We’d have totally local food. Hunting and fishing to prepare our own wild game.

Minimal packaging and waste.

A garden, chicken coups.

Completely off the grid, sustainable living.

(Except for the whole internet thing, we’ll still probably be online a lot of the time.)

Does this sound like something you want to be part of?

I would love to hear feedback at this stage!





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