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We’ve been looking at castle hotels in Britain, Spain, and France, and perhaps it’s about time to complete the trinity of romantic countries by looking at the castle hotels that one can visit in Italy. There are a lot of beautiful castle hotels in Italy, as much, perhaps, as in Spain and France, so if you find...
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No one needs to be told that castles are amazing, or that they look like pretty cool places to live in. Maybe, at some point, you’ve dreamed of actually living – and owning – a castle, and while that sounds like something pretty unreal, you can actually realize that dream. There are a lot of...
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Writing retreats sound both fun and taxing. Taking time away from “real life” and going somewhere just to write doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea, and it might even be a little hard to explain to people what you actually accomplish when you disappear somewhere and come back with a refined written piece under...
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