I’m determined to buy a castle, because of what it represents: a community of creative people working together to complete a massive goal with physical reality. I want a huge, immense structure, so when you stand by it you are dwarfed and overwhelmed by the enormity of our conquest.

However, in terms of actually finding a place to be inspired, creative, and get work done… I’m also really drawn to more natural settings, usually in the mountains with a view.

Take this one for example.

All you really get is a medieval farmhouse with some smaller buildings. But imagine living there and waking up to these views! There’s unlimited, fresh natural springs nearby; the land has never been farmed with pesticides or chemicals; there’s plentiful hunting. With a satellite dish and some solar panels this property would make for perfect, off the grid living.

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My main concern is that it’s too isolated, and we writers would soon drive each other crazy unless we had wide separately little cottages of our own, and even then we’d probably lust after some good shopping, restaurants and people watching.

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