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Nanowrimo castle 2016, early plans…

December 16, 2015

I’m so excited about renting a castle next November for NaNoWriMo.

I’ve been looking at castles for the past few years, here are my favorites.

I’ll be looking for something with 7 to 9 rooms. The tricky thing about castles are that some look great on the outside but are too modern on the inside.

I want both the outside and inside to look and feel like a castle. These are the best I could find.


This one is in Italy

Not as exciting but… near Pisa and Florence.

Massive Chateau

Pretty area, lots of rooms and spaces. Kind of digging it, for the privacy, and it has more bedrooms so we can invite more guests. France.

Spooky mansion

Leading favorite…  because it looks authentic and a little spooky. France.

One more, kind of awesome


Authentic Baroque

I can’t see what the outside of this one looks like, but inside is awesome. Amazing decoration – it’s in Germany.


Also OK…

This one has a lot going for it too… spacious, high ceilings, lots of room. France


—Save for another time—

Spanish Highground

I love this one but it’s probably too casual… I might use it sometime but for NaNoWrimo I want something visual stunning and impressive.

 Forest Ruins

I love this one; the property is amazing, but the living quarters are very normal and plain. Quiet and quaint.

Dordogne Palace

This one seems to be a pretty good mix of interior and exterior, though parts of it seem pretty bland compared to the others.

Weird, Quirky

I’m not sure how I feel about this one but it’s different. Parts of it look comfortable.

Which do you like?

It will depend partly on cost and who else is sharing it, but I’d like feedback on which seems the most fun. Keep in mind it will probably be cold in November, so we might be inside a lot. I want somewhere I’ll be comfortable enough to get a lot of writing done; somewhere with lots of space so we won’t all be stuck in the same room; somewhere we can have dinner guests or throw a party.

Ideally there will also be at least one desk in every bedroom, but if there aren’t I could pick up a few at Ikea. There will need to be plugs/wifi, at least in central areas. If you have other considerations/worries, let me know and I’ll plan accordingly.

Frankfurt book fair

Since we’ll be in Europe next fall, I’m thinking of going to the Frankfurt book fair, the word’s largest, and doing it really well… with my own booth, and probably giving a talk about visibility in the YA genre (how to reach teen readers). This year I’ll be aggressively testing instagram, tumblr and snapchat to see what works.

If you want to come early and attend/maybe speak, it would be pretty awesome… if not I can still put your books in the display.

The Frankfurt book fair seems to attract a lot of cosplayers:

I’d like to go and do crazy/fun stuff, not stuffy publishing insider stuff.

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