Write your next book in a castle


Nanowrimo Castle: the experience of a lifetime!

In November 2016, a dozen authors will split a castle and focus on writing and finishing a book during Nanowrimo. Although spots are filled this year, I’ll soon be adding pictures and videos of the experience.

We’ll make it an amazing experience that will fuel your creativity, writing productivity and publishing know-how. We just have a few extra rooms, and I’d prefer authors who are already building up their author platform so I can really help them boost sales.

We’re looking for authors who…

A) Can take a month off in November and leave their house/family/job etc. to focus on writing.

B) Love castles

However, this isn’t a vacation. It’ll be more like bootcamp.

We are looking for experienced, serious authors, who want to get a whole bunch of writing done quickly, and turn it into a finished book that sells. It’ll be fun, and we’ll have scheduled breaks and social activities, but we’ll also be focused on Nanowrimo and finishing the writing.

Renting a castle may seem extravagant, but compared to other writing retreats I think we can offer a pretty good deal. A lot of writing retreats cost $3,000 to $5000 for just one week, and they don’t have much to offer apart from the environment (which is usually a little cabin or plain hotel… not a castle).

Here’s a video introduction explaining why I’m renting a castle.

A room in a castle.

An incredible view. Centuries of history. Nature, solitude, quiet. A digital detox.

Recharge your creativity for years to come.

We’ll have a buffet breakfast, a DIY lunch and hot dinner every night, plus snacks. We’ll have a lot of fresh, local food, and also a lot of snacks (if you’re like me, you need to snack when you’re writing).

And of course, tons of coffee and tea.

This won’t be a hotel, more like a self-service B&B. So it won’t be 5-star service. The castle will be modern (hot water, plumbing, etc), but probably not as comfortable as a regular house. Plus it’s November, so it could be cold… but we’ll have fires and blankets.

I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and have everything you need.



If you come and write with us, I want your book to be successful, even if I have to do everything myself to design and market it. It won’t do me any good to have unprofessional looking books that don’t sell well coming out of the programs I run. It won’t be just about “finishing the writing” for me – yes it’s important, but I want to make sure your book does well.

I’m excited about renting a castle for Nanowrimo 2016, and want to share the opportunity with as many authors as possible. Depending on the demand, we may stay in castles for several months, and not just for November.

Who am I? (Your Host)

My name is Derek Murphy, and I do a lot of fun and crazy things online. For the past 5 years I’ve been a book cover designer; I also started an editing company while working on my PhD in literature. As of 2016, I’m no longer doing services – now I write full-time and manage my online businesses. On my websites, I talk a lot about book design, marketing, building author platforms and reaching new readers. Here’s one of my books.