More beautiful castle hotels in France! France itself is a beautiful place and demands exploring, but of course we’d need somewhere to stay in order for us to enjoy travelling within the country. It’s easy to decide to go with cheaper options, but there are castle hotels worth checking out if you want something different. Each item on the list is a link, and clicking on it will direct you to the castle hotel’s website. Check out the websites for more photos, and information on location, booking, pricing, and other important details.

All photos taken from the respective castle’s website.

1. Chateau de La Barre

“Château de la Barre was the highlight of a wonderful trip to the Loire Valley. Warm and knowledgeable hosts, Guy and Marnie, informed us on the rich history of the château, gave excellent restaurant recommendations in the area and made us feel thoroughly welcome in their home.”
– from the castle’s website

de la barre 1 de la barre 2 de la barre 3

2. Chateau de Jallanges

Surrounded by the famous vineyards of Vouvray and 60 acres of forest, it is the ideal place for visiting the Loire Valley and staying in an authentic historic building which bears witness to centuries of beautiful architecture and gracious living à la Français.
– from the castle’s website

jallanges 1 jallanges 2

3. Chateau de Codignat

Historically Château de Codignat was, in the 12th century, a look-out tower fortification for the Ravel Château. It lent itself, on the eastern side, to defend against the enemies coming from the Dore Valley. Following the decease of a turbulent history, parts of the castle were then expanded to become the residence of French noble families. The elegant rooms, each one different from the other, are beautifully furnished in the Haute Epoque style and provide every amenity, including whirlpool tubs. Here lies the château’s unique ability to combine the older, traditional feel with a subtle, sumptuous edge.
– from the castle’s website

codignat 1

4. Chateau de Montvillargenne

An impressive château built in the 19th century by the Rothschild family, it rests on a 15 acre park in the wonderful Chantilly forest. The hotel offers a variety of luxurious, leisure amenities and activities. Enjoy a game of tennis or a bike ride through the forest or you can relax in the turkish bath, sauna and indoor swimming pool.
– from the castle’s website

montvillargenne 2 montvillargenne 3 montvillargenne

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