“Why a castle? Why not a nice comfy house in the USA or something?”

“Lots of authors don’t have passports. Travel is too expensive.”

The main reason is to go big.

There are already lots of writers retreats and conferences in the USA.

If you don’t already had a passport, you need to get one.

Americans who don’t travel are missing out on the rest of the world.

I could get a house in the redwoods or in Oregon – but it wouldn’t be as epic or magical as a thousand-year old medieval fortress. I want you to feel tingles in your spine as you walk over the drawbridge and are dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of your new residence.

I want casual internet browsers to see pictures of my castle and think, “holy shit, I would give anything to live there.” I want CreativCastle to be an elite privilege, something enviable. There will only be room for about 20 people at a time, and since I don’t plan to run it as a tourist farm or hotel, cranking hundreds of people in and out, it will be exclusive. Unfortunately that means you have to pay to play – and not everyone will be able to afford it.

But at the same time…

Doing it this way will give me control over the property, and we can have special rooms available for volunteers and workers, special guests, experts and celebrities, scholarship and contest recipients and more. If I chose something smaller, I could probably charge less, but then I couldn’t turn it into the community it needs to be.

I could probably find five or ten people a month who would pay to come learn about publishing and marketing their books from me, but I couldn’t give them the incredible experience they deserve. For that to happen, CreativCastle needs to be a beacon, a light, that attracts successful creative people and gives them a place to complete their best work (so that you’re not just stuck with me all the time; you’ll have a team of bestselling authors and book marketers to help you out).

And again…

Something smaller, more local, would be nice and interesting, and I could do it with much less personal risk and effort. But I plan to mostly fundraise this on Kickstarter and for that to happen, it’s got to be insanely and uniquely amazing. It’s got to be so cool people have to share it with all their friends.  The bigger and crazier the dream, the easier it will be to get funded.

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