Dream castle for sale

February 27, 2015

The Montbrun castle near Limoges, Bordeaux and the Dordogne is one of my favorite castle properties. When I visualize myself in my castle, I’m standing up on top of the turrets, just like this.

But the interior is less convincing, and the price a little ridiculous.

It has history, and a lot of land (500 acres) but it’s hard to justify the
20.500.000€ asking price.

Except that – the castle has clearly been set up as a tourist site, so it has it’s own income already and could be run as a business. But for the same reason, the furniture looks a little fake and almost cheesy. It looks staged, for pictures, but with modern and cheap design. (Although the property and site has lots of history; the castle was ordered destroyed during the French Revolution, mostly emptied in the 1960s, then destroyed by fire – the current version is a modern reproduction.)

I want something livable and authentic. I can buy a similar (not quite as awesome) building for a couple million eu and spend another 2 million just on design and furnishing, and still save a ton of money.

Master-Bedroom LARGE_PHOTO_PDF_131104_1_3


Also the Turin castle, which I also like, is half priced (but I just found out, sold again recently.) I’ll admit I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get my tall tower to look down over my estate.


Website here.


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