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I really want a castle but DAMN it’s hard to beat a glorious sea view like that… should I look for properties near a coastline? This one is in Spain. http://www.luxuryrealestate.com/residential/1810475-villa-in-calpe-urbanizacion-maryvilla-alicante-costa-blanca-calpe-alicante-spain#6
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Here’s something that could work, for only $668,000usd. 10 bedrooms, lots of space, big open ballroom, natural surroundings. It’s not impressive enough to really seize the imagination. But it wouldn’t be so hard to fund. More details here: http://www.ab-real-estate.com/south_france_property_Limoux_Chateau_Castle_Manor-House_Country-House_1950  
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One of the challenges I’ve had with the CreativCastle project is planning out what I can offer people. The co-working model works great for lots of spaces; the monthly membership fees cover the costs of rental and everybody can share the space. But I don’t want to rent a castle (which would be crazy expensive)....
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