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Castles for sale in Southern France

March 26, 2015

Although I have my heart set on one particular castle, I want to explore my options and see some properties while in France. Here are some more we hope to see.

castle for sale

Impressive Facade, and towers

I like the outside but the inside is pretty boring, at least what I can see of it, but apparently there are many unrestored areas which could be cool to check out. It looks, however, more like a prison than a comfy home.

The next one could be interesting, the interior decoration is all dark wood and tapestries, but not in a nice way. I prefer simple, stone walls, lots of light.
But it does have a great view!
I’m very unsure about the next one, but I get the impression there’s a lot more too it I’m not seeing.
27806-05 27806-09 27806-00

What’s wrong with them…

I think the main thing is, as far as castles go, they are 2nd rate. I don’t want to invite people to my castle and have them be disappointed because it isn’t all they imagined.

What I really need is one of these:

chateau coworking space chateau coworking space chateau coworking space chateau coworking space 27337-06 27337-07

Impossibly grand, stylish, beautiful and spacious. Totally perfect. Not exactly the historical/medieval castle I’m looking for… but probably more comfortable and inspiring. The previous castles are all about 1.5 million USD.

This one is 5 million.

Which is “out of my budget” – but wait, I have no budget, this whole thing depends on how many people I can inspire to help contribute to make this project a reality. And people will pay the same amount regardless of which castle we buy – but more people will want to stay in the 5 million dollar one, right? Obviously. So that should be the goal.

No reason to settle for a second rate castle. I don’t need a castle at all, but if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right.


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Butron castle for sale – massive but monstrous

March 15, 2015
live in a castle home

Here’s another possibility, but it’s not high on my list of favorites.

What I like about Butron castle is its size: it’s massive.

butron castle view

I like all the towers. I like that it looks like a ‘real’ castle.

And at 3.5 million EU it’s half the cost of my other favorite.

What I don’t like about it: it was built in the fourth century, but completely restored (both inside and out) in 1878, to mimic other European castles.

And then it was refurbished from 1990-1994.

The result is a bland and boring reproduction, it looks like a stages set for photos.

Not comfortable, not livable, not interesting.

interior 6 7

Though you may disagree.

And I do like the high ceilings and natural light.

And perhaps there is more to it:

I can only see photos of a few main rooms. Maybe there’s more. Maybe there are forgotten attics and cellars and secret passageways (doubtful) that hide dusty secrets. I don’t want a modern facsimile tourist castle, I want a real one – with real history.

On the other hand, I need something grand and  intimidating, and it’s doubtful I’ll find a structure this freaking huge for such a low price tag.

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11th century castle in Brenne fairytale charming

March 7, 2015

This castle has had ‘extensive restoration work’ done so I can’t tell how much of it is actually 11th century (that’s 1000 years old!). But I love the way the tower sticks out of the trees like that.

And the outer walls like pretty massive. I can’t tell how big it really is or how many rooms it has – though there are some outbuildings around it. I’ll try to swing by and get more details and pictures.

1.8million EU.

brenne-castle-1-450x300 brenne-castle-5-450x321

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13th century Medieval citadel – your new home?

March 4, 2015
medieval citadel castle sale

I was really excited about this one but now I’m not so sure.

It’s certainly photogenic.

medieval citadel castle sale


It’s certainly a castle with a lot of history.

"Chateau Queyras has just turned on the light"

It’s “authentic” – parts of it haven’t been updated for 300 years.

And you can’t beat the surroundings: within 1KM there’s white water rafting, mountain climbing, beautiful hiking trails


medieval citadel castle sale






And of course the amazing view…



fort-queyras for sale


So what’s wrong with it?

Well, it’s just so… medieval.




medieval castle sale

I found a few rooms with high ceilings which gives me some hope. The others are so claustrophobic.

room in castle


medieval citadel


With some proper Games of Thrones luxury furniture, carpets and decorations, it could be cozy. But I’m afraid the winters would be brutal.


I need a place that will be comfortable year round so we can write and work without our fingers freezing off.

Plus, the nearest airport is at least an hour away and in Italy, so you’d have to arrive, then cross the border.

castle fort in France


For all those reasons I think, while at first impressive, this property might soon get tiring, and not be conducive to real creative productivity. But at 3million EU, it’s still within the realm of possibility.

What do you think?

Would you pay to stay here for a month as a life experience? Or would you rather have a comfortable, 5star chateau?

Listing here

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Who says we’ll never be royals?

March 3, 2015
eastnor castle

Eastnor Castle is my dream home. I love the outside. I love the inside. I believe you can rent the whole thing, it has 11 beds (plus some cottages). I’m prepared to pay $20,000 a week, or $80,000 a month, which would be close to a million a year in rent. Then I’d need to find couples who will pay $10,000 ($5000/person) per month to stay here. Since the furnishings are so luxurious, it can be more exclusive, special access writing retreat – or coworking space for baller entrepreneurs who are making lots of money on the internet.


eastnor castle


How’d you like to write your next book here?

eastnor castle

The only thing is, with a place this nice, I don’t think you’d ever feel truly relaxed or at home. Personally I’d rather have a beat up wooden slab for a table than something I have to worry about setting my glass down on, or scratching with my laptop.

eastnor castle

It wouldn’t inspire the kind of intimacy and spontaneity I plan to foster.

Creativity needs luxurious surroundings but it also needs space to  breath and movement. And I think we should have at least a couple of cats, if not a dog – I don’t think this is the kind of place that lets animals in. But I’m not crossing it off, it really is the perfect castle.

In fact, if I were giving awards – which I should do – Eastnor would win.

You hear that, Eastnor? You’re the best damn castle in the world.

Let me know if if you’ll take my million for a year’s rent. 🙂

eastnor castle eastnor castle Eastnor castle


Actually, they already charge about $10,000 per night for wedding events, so I’m sure they won’t entertain my paltry $20K a week… but I can dream.

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Castello Guglielmi on Lake Trasimeno is on sale for $4.5 million

March 3, 2015
Isola Maggiore castle for sale

This is the property that got me excited about CreativCastle in the first place. A huge castle in need of a community and some love to restore it. But I couldn’t narrow a price and it seems to be around 11million. However I just saw some news that puts it at 4.5.

True, it’s not ancient – it’s only about 150 years old (although the land has much more history – St. Francis is said to have lived here for awhile).

GUGLIELMI castle for sale

And unfortunately I haven’t seen inside yet, it could be a mess. But I imagine it’s pretty nice. And the place is enormous, so we could have all sorts of things going on.

$5million is only 1000 people paying $5000.

With a place this big we could probably have 50 to 100 people a month, with plenty of room for volunteers, special pimped out suites for celebrity guests, and more.

I basically want to put a bunch of tables and a library in this gigantic cathedral – it would make an insane coworking space.

co-working cathedral castle

However…. it would probably get too hot, or too cold, and too dirty – and would be a royal pain to maintain. I’d probably be required to keep it simple since it’s a historical site. I’m not sure how much they would let me renovate/fix/improve. I’m OK with simple, minimal and comfortable antique furniture, but of course we need a good kitchen, fast internet and lots of electricity.

Oh….  and a boat.

Still, the property needs to be something epic like this to catch on. What do you think? Less practical? More inspirational and awesome?

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Live in nature among ancient ruins

March 3, 2015

I’m kind of loving this property – Chateau De Baloigne. It’s not the luxurious castle I have in mind. It’s probably too isolated and rural. The main house has 8 bedrooms and there’s a lot of outdoor space, but with nothing else happening, I think the silence and old ruins might begin to drive me crazy after awhile. There’s a river for swimming though. And forests.




pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__4_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__3_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__14_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__25_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__32_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__30_ pad_738_527_Chateau-De-Baloigne-Rhone-Alpes-Olivers-Travels-2015__7_

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A castle with a pool! For those hot days.

February 28, 2015
castle chateaux home

I’m quite interested in this one as well. At 2.5 million EU it’s a little pricier, but it’s been mostly modernized, and the exterior looks great (including the all important tower).

writer retreat coworking space




Plus it seems like it comes with those four outbuildings, which could be used for extra accommodation or events, and one of them has a pool! Partaaay.

chateaux sale