Castles for sale in Southern France

Although I have my heart set on one particular castle, I want to explore my options and see some properties while in France. Here are some more we hope to see.

castle for sale
Impressive Facade, and towers

I like the outside but the inside is pretty boring, at least what I can see of it, but apparently there are many unrestored areas which could be cool to check out. It looks, however, more like a prison than a comfy home.

The next one could be interesting, the interior decoration is all dark wood and tapestries, but not in a nice way. I prefer simple, stone walls, lots of light.
But it does have a great view!
I’m very unsure about the next one, but I get the impression there’s a lot more too it I’m not seeing.
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What’s wrong with them…

I think the main thing is, as far as castles go, they are 2nd rate. I don’t want to invite people to my castle and have them be disappointed because it isn’t all they imagined.

What I really need is one of these:

chateau coworking space chateau coworking space chateau coworking space chateau coworking space 27337-06 27337-07

Impossibly grand, stylish, beautiful and spacious. Totally perfect. Not exactly the historical/medieval castle I’m looking for… but probably more comfortable and inspiring. The previous castles are all about 1.5 million USD.

This one is 5 million.

Which is “out of my budget” – but wait, I have no budget, this whole thing depends on how many people I can inspire to help contribute to make this project a reality. And people will pay the same amount regardless of which castle we buy – but more people will want to stay in the 5 million dollar one, right? Obviously. So that should be the goal.

No reason to settle for a second rate castle. I don’t need a castle at all, but if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right.


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