Castello Guglielmi on Lake Trasimeno is on sale for $4.5 million

This is the property that got me excited about CreativCastle in the first place. A huge castle in need of a community and some love to restore it. But I couldn’t narrow a price and it seems to be around 11million. However I just saw some news that puts it at 4.5.

True, it’s not ancient – it’s only about 150 years old (although the land has much more history – St. Francis is said to have lived here for awhile).

GUGLIELMI castle for sale

And unfortunately I haven’t seen inside yet, it could be a mess. But I imagine it’s pretty nice. And the place is enormous, so we could have all sorts of things going on.

$5million is only 1000 people paying $5000.

With a place this big we could probably have 50 to 100 people a month, with plenty of room for volunteers, special pimped out suites for celebrity guests, and more.

I basically want to put a bunch of tables and a library in this gigantic cathedral – it would make an insane coworking space.

co-working cathedral castle

However…. it would probably get too hot, or too cold, and too dirty – and would be a royal pain to maintain. I’d probably be required to keep it simple since it’s a historical site. I’m not sure how much they would let me renovate/fix/improve. I’m OK with simple, minimal and comfortable antique furniture, but of course we need a good kitchen, fast internet and lots of electricity.

Oh….  and a boat.

Still, the property needs to be something epic like this to catch on. What do you think? Less practical? More inspirational and awesome?

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