Castel Marmousets – a fun, modern gothic castle

March 5, 2015
Marmousets P02

Here’s a nice hybrid: it’s obvious a castle with history, but it’s been completely redone. The inside is sleek and modern. I’d love to live here, but again, it just doesn’t scream “castle.”

I don’t just want it to look like a castle from the outside, I want it to feel like a castle from the inside too – the obvious problem being that we live in much more comfortable houses now than we used to. I don’t mind it being a little modernized but I also want to preserve a lot of the original features.

Marmousets P10 Marmousets P07 Marmousets P04 chic-villas-castel-marmousets-castle-rental-m1 chic-villas-waterfront-castle-rental-g8



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