Eastnor Castle is my dream home. I love the outside. I love the inside. I believe you can rent the whole thing, it has 11 beds (plus some cottages). I’m prepared to pay $20,000 a week, or $80,000 a month, which would be close to a million a year in rent. Then I’d need to find couples who will pay $10,000 ($5000/person) per month to stay here. Since the furnishings are so luxurious, it can be more exclusive, special access writing retreat – or coworking space for baller entrepreneurs who are making lots of money on the internet.


eastnor castle


How’d you like to write your next book here?

eastnor castle

The only thing is, with a place this nice, I don’t think you’d ever feel truly relaxed or at home. Personally I’d rather have a beat up wooden slab for a table than something I have to worry about setting my glass down on, or scratching with my laptop.

eastnor castle

It wouldn’t inspire the kind of intimacy and spontaneity I plan to foster.

Creativity needs luxurious surroundings but it also needs space to  breath and movement. And I think we should have at least a couple of cats, if not a dog – I don’t think this is the kind of place that lets animals in. But I’m not crossing it off, it really is the perfect castle.

In fact, if I were giving awards – which I should do – Eastnor would win.

You hear that, Eastnor? You’re the best damn castle in the world.

Let me know if if you’ll take my million for a year’s rent. 🙂

eastnor castle eastnor castle Eastnor castle


Actually, they already charge about $10,000 per night for wedding events, so I’m sure they won’t entertain my paltry $20K a week… but I can dream.

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