Butron castle for sale – massive but monstrous

Here’s another possibility, but it’s not high on my list of favorites.

What I like about Butron castle is its size: it’s massive.

butron castle view

I like all the towers. I like that it looks like a ‘real’ castle.

And at 3.5 million EU it’s half the cost of my other favorite.

What I don’t like about it: it was built in the fourth century, but completely restored (both inside and out) in 1878, to mimic other European castles.

And then it was refurbished from 1990-1994.

The result is a bland and boring reproduction, it looks like a stages set for photos.

Not comfortable, not livable, not interesting.

interior 6 7

Though you may disagree.

And I do like the high ceilings and natural light.

And perhaps there is more to it:

I can only see photos of a few main rooms. Maybe there’s more. Maybe there are forgotten attics and cellars and secret passageways (doubtful) that hide dusty secrets. I don’t want a modern facsimile tourist castle, I want a real one – with real history.

On the other hand, I need something grand and  intimidating, and it’s doubtful I’ll find a structure this freaking huge for such a low price tag.

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