Another supernaturally charming French chateau for creative inspiration

This is the insanely picturesque Château de la Motte Chandeniers. 

I found the following description of its history.

In the midst of a large mass of wood stands the castle of Motte-Chandeniers former fief reported to the king. From the thirteenth century the manor, then called Motte Bauçay was owned by the illustrious family Bauçay. On the death of Mary Bauçay, la Motte was attributed to Jean de Rochechouart and owned by François de Rochechouart. In 1668, ruined, at wits end, he had to abandon his creditors, who sold to Mary Rochechouart, his sister. It was not long kept and ceded to Nicolas Lamoignon, Lord Basville whose son William Urban Lamoignon, Count de Courson was engagiste Loudun. Destroyed during the Revolution, when Francis Hennecart bought the castle in 1809, the castle primitive was ruined. He undertook to restore it and return it to its former splendor. The area surrounding it was also built. Unfortunately there remains the walls because it was destroyed by fire in 1932, the chapel behind the castle was spared, one can still see today.

Only the walls remain; it would have to be gutted and rebuilt totally… but that’s part of its charm. I wish I could just send the pictures to Alibaba and have them build me a total replica!


I found a video. Can you imagine living here?

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