4 Best Dream Locations to Hold A Writing Retreat – Spain (Part 1)

We’ve seen some amazing paradores before (and we’ve even listed them down in a previous post), but of course there’s more to Spain than just some beautiful historical castles-turned-hotels. In fact, like many countries in the continent, Spain is filled with a lot of breathtaking sites – both historical and not so – that are worth visiting, and their beauty so unbelievably inspiring that they’re perfect for itineraries. Not just itineraries, but – more importantly, and more relevant to our purposes – writing retreats.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the most amazing locations in Spain that can be a great part of anyone’s itinerary, but will also serve as pretty awesome places to visit when you want to go on a writing retreat on your own, or with your writer friends.

1. The Town of Besalu 

The medieval town of Besalu is located in Catalonia, and is known particularly for the 12th century bridge running over the Fluvia river. There’s a lot to see in the town, including the remains of a medieval synagogue, a 12th century Jewish ritual bath, and the Museum of Miniatures by Lluis Carreras.

besalu 2 hole in the donut

Image credit: Hole in the Donut

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Image credit: Spain Holiday

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2. Aqueduct of Segovia

Less of an actual location and more of a tourist destination, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Aqueduct of Segovia, is nevertheless a thing to be seen and experienced – and then written about. It’s one of the best-maintained ancient monuments left by Romans in the continent, and is so important to the town of Segovia.

segovia 2 bernard gagnon

Image credit: Bernard Gagnon

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Image credit: McPolu


3. Daroca

This municipality, located in the province of Zaragoza, has a long history backing it. Possessed by Arabs, then conquered by Alfonso the Battler, then serving as a site of several assemblies, and then resisting a siege, Daroca is steeped in history and grandeur, and the buildings that populate the area prove this.

daroca 1 daroca 2

Image credit: Ecelan


4. Albarracin

The picturesque town of Albarracin was declared a Monumento Nacional of Spain, and it’s easy to see why. Surrounded by hills and backed by a colorful history, Albarracin looks like the kind of sleepy town that seems as if it’s been pulled out of the past and brought to the present.

albarracin 1 delso albarracin 2

Image credit: Diego Delso (from Wikipedia)


As always, we’ve barely even scratched the surface yet, but these are just some of the wonderful places in Spain to visit, especially if you’re looking to make your own, tailor-made writing retreat. There’ll be more to come, certainly, but let these places inspire you for now.



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