5 Best Dream Locations to Hold A Writing Retreat – Britain (Part I)

All over the world, there are a ton of places – both fictional and real – that sound like they’d be a perfect fit in your itinerary. There are, as well, a lot of places that are ideal for when you just want to go out and write. In this series of posts, we’ll be looking at a few locations all over the planet, places that look perfect for writing retreats, or just retreats in general. In this post, we’ll be looking at some dream locations that are great for writing retreats in Britain.

1. Stonehenge

The first in the list is the ever-popular Stonehenge, one of the biggest – perhaps even in a literal sense – tourist destinations in the world. Of course, since it is a tourist destination, thousands of people flock to the place regularly, and perhaps a lot of people in one place all at the same time does not a good writing retreat make. But, if we imagine that it’s not that big of a destination, then the Stonehenge would be worth visiting for writing retreats. The Stonehenge is a relic of history and steeped in mystery and wonder, supposed to be a burial ground from its beginnings. Such a place would be worth visiting on its own, but with the weight of the past attached to makes it worth visiting more, especially if you’re looking to be inspired by a thousand years’ worth of existence.


Image credit: English Heritage

2. Llanthony Priory in Wales

Llanthony Priory is a former Augustinian priory found in the Vale of Ewyas, in Monmouthshire. Historical sites are amazing, and Llanthony Priory is no exception. Its origins date back from the 12th century, built as a church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. In the later centuries, the estate would be purchased by Coloner Sir Mark Wood, and Wood would later sell the estate to poet Walter Savage Landor. That, in itself, should sound like it would make the priory a great place to use as a writing retreat, as one poet himself had lived on the estate.

Llanthony 1

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Llanthony 2

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3. The Minack Theater in Cornwall

The Minack Theater is an open-air theater in Porthcurno in Cornwall. It’s still actually being used as a theater, which puts it closer to the artistic heart of things. It is also a tourist spot, and sees visitors regularly, even outside of the show season. But its seaside location and artistic spirit make it worth visiting, and perhaps make it incredibly inspiring as an artistic retreat, as well.

minack 1

Image credit: Wikimedia


4. Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye looks like something out of an Elder Scrolls game. Found in Scotland, it has a breathtaking mountain range that looks like a set of jagged teeth reaching out to the sky. Like so many places in Britain, it’s also backed by a long and rich history, having been occupied by the Norse, as well.

skye 1 daily mail

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skye 2

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5. Dunvegan Castle

Castles are always interesting and rich in history, and Dunvegan Castle – located in Isle of Skye – is definitely no exception. It serves as the seat of the Clan MacLeod, a Highland Scottish clan associated with Isle of Skye. The castle itself is a marvel to behold, but Dunvegan also has its fair share of gardens to marvel at.

dunvegan 1 dunvegan 2 garden dunvegan 2 garden 2 dunvegan 3

Image credit: Wikimedia

It goes without saying, of course, that these are just some of the places that can serve as dream locations for writing retreats. It doesn’t even cover half the world. It doesn’t even cover half of Britain, even, because there are way, way more places that are dream locations for retreats. But here, we have the first five that can serve as inspirations for our writing. And who knows? We might find ourselves there someday, writing, and dreaming.

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