Wales is a really great place for picturesque landscapes and breathtaking locales. Here are five more places from Wales that are pretty cool and can be places for writer’s retreats.

1. Dinas Powys

Found in the Vale of Glamorgan, it is a village that has been populated since ancient times, and still remains largely rural. It’s the site of the remains of a Norman castle and of a Celtic hill fort, and also of several notable religious sites, like St. Peter’s Church.

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2. Fonmon Castle

This one’s a medieval castle near the village of Fonmon in the Vale of Glamorgan. It was built by the St. John family during the 13th century. It is actually a venue for weddings and various events, although it is a private residence with a notable library and a garden.

fonmon 1

3. Old Beaupre Castle

This structure is a ruined fortified medieval manor house, found in Llanfair. It was built around the 14th century and was owned by the Basset family during the 18th century.

beaupre 1

4. Penmark

Penmark is another rural village in the Vale of Glamorgan, and is home to the remains of a 13th century castle and a 13th century wall.


5. St. Donat’s Castle

This one is a medieval castle in the Vale of Glamorgan overlooking the Bristol Channel. In the castle grounds is St. Donat’s Arts Center, which includes a theatre. The site is also associated with a ghost haunting.

donat 1

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