Like other European countries, Ireland has a lot of beautiful castle hotels that people may stay in during vacations or while travelling. Here are five of the many castle hotels that Ireland has. Each item on the list has a link to the website of its corresponding castle hotel. Find out more by visiting the website, looking at pictures, and reading testimonials!

All images are from their respective castle hotel websites.

1. Ashford Castle

For over 700 years, Ashford Castle and its 350 acre private estate have offered a myriad of ways to enjoy the hospitality of a castle in Ireland. From the imposing exterior one enters a richly decorated interior that speaks of centuries of care and love of fine craftmanship.
– Castle website

Not only was the Shelbourne first rate, but Ashford Castle was perhaps the best hotel/visit experience of our lives: it was so wonderful, mysterious and beautiful – we went horseback riding through an ancient forest, had amazingly good food all around, and I personally revelled in the joy that is – GUINNESS draft!!! We believe our room in the castle was actually haunted by a kindly medieval warrior whose face we discovered carved in the woodwork downstairs.
– Testimonial from a customer

Exterior ashford 2 ashford 3

2. Ballinlough Castle

The Nugents at Ballinlough (who are really O Reillys, having assumed the surname of Nugent in 1812 to inherit a legacy) are almost unique in being a Catholic Celtic-Irish family who still live in their family castle.
– Castle history, on the castle’s website

ballinlough 1 ballinlough 2 ballinlough 3

3. Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel is an intimate four-star hotel set in 450 acres of woodlands, rivers and walks in the heart of Connemara. It stands proud and majestic overlooking the famous Ballynahinch Salmon River, whilst being surrounded by the splendour of the Twelve Bens Mountain Range.
– Castle hotel description, on the castle’s website

ballynahinch 1 ballynahinch 2 ballynahinch 3

4. Ballyportry Castle

Built in the late 15th century by the O’Briens of Lemeneagh Castle, Ballyportry remained occupied through the 16th and 17th centuries before falling into disrepair and disuse. The Statistical Survey of County Clare in 1808 makes mention of a poor family still taking shelter at Ballyportry. Miraculously, its four walls were intact, although open to the sky, when the ruin was acquired in the 1960s by New York architect, Robert Owen Brown.
– Castle history, on the castle’s website

ballyportry 1 ballyportry 2

5. Ballyseede Castle

Ballyseede Castle, one of the best-known castle hotels in Ireland, has a history dating back to the 1590s. Set in thirty acres of native woodland, Ballyseede Castle has been wonderfully transformed into a luxury hotel.
– Castle description, found on the castle’s website

ballyseede 1 ballyseede 2 ballyseede 3

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