Here are some castle hotels in Scotland that you might want to check out, if you find yourself in the area. All items on the list link back to the websites of these castle hotels, so you can view information on booking, location, rates, as well as testimonials. Apart from being beautiful, these castle hotels have also played a part in Scotland’s history, so they will definitely take you back in time and give you a sense of the history that has seeped into the castles’ walls.

All images come from the castles’ respective websites and galleries.

1. Dalhousie Castle 

Built over 800 years ago by the Ramsays of Dalhousie, a noble Scottish family descended from Simundus de Ramseia, who in about 1140 followed King David I to Scotland from the Huntingdon village of Ramsay. The castle has remained in possession of one family longer than any other in Scotland and now stands peacefully amongst the rolling Midlothian countryside.
– from the castle’s website

Those who would like to get out and about can savour the attractions of Edinburgh, only 20 minutes away, visit other great castles or stately homes in the Scottish Borders and so much more. Rosslyn (also spelt Roslin or Roslyn) Chapel, recently featured in the Da Vinci Code as a possible resting place of the Holy Grail, is only five miles from Dalhousie Castle. Could the Knights Templar have stayed at Dalhousie in the 14th century?
– castle website

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2. Inverlochy Castle

Inverlochy Castle was built in 1863 by the first Lord Abinger, near the site of the original 13th century fortress. Inverlochy’s reputation for gracious hospitality goes back as far as Queen Victoria’s visit in the Autumn of 1873. Accompanied by her trusted ghillie John Brown, Victoria found great solace in the castle and its breathtaking surroundings, where cares seemed to just melt away.
– from the castle’s website

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3. Fenton Tower House

In 1591, King James VI of Scotland, son of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Henry Darnley, was surrounded by a rebel army in Fife, north of Edinburgh. Fortunately the local townspeople rallied to his support and helped him to escape. James took the ferry across the Firth of Forth to North Berwick and took refuge with the Carmichaels at Fenton Tower.
– from the castle’s website

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4. Fonab Castle

You will be transported to another world as you drive through the entrance to this magnificent castle. Whether it’s a romantic getaway at an idyllic oasis of comfort, sharing a wild adventure on a Highland safari, or the excitement of exploring the natural beauty of Perthshire and Scotland, this luxury destination really is the crème de la crème of vacations.
– from the castle’s website

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5. Traquair Castle

It is not know when the exact foundations of the house were laid but a substantial structure must have existed by 1107 when Alexander 1 of Scotland signed a royal charter at Traquair. At this time the castle was used as a hunting lodge for royalty and also as a base where they could administer justice, issue laws and hold courts. At Traquair, many charters still exist. One, signed in 1175 authorised William the Lion to found a Bishop’s Burgh with a right to hold a market on Thursday. This small hamlet was later to become the City of Glasgow.
– from the castle’s website

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