August 28th-September 18th, 2019

Saint-Michel-de-Boulogne, France

Fun activities, beautiful nature, dedicated writing times, workshops on publishing and marketing, and an amazing community of authors working on fiction and nonfiction. In a castle.



Why a castle?

Writing can be isolating, and sometimes you feel like you’re stuck on your computer all day. We want to give you a creative break to relax and enjoy both the social community and the nourishing power of natural beauty – while also making sure you leave with confidence, new skills and abilities to take your writing career to the next level. Sure, we could do it anywhere. But everything is better in a castle.


We won't be roughing it - you'll get comfortable mattresses, hot food, and a priceless adventure.

The castles we rent are furnished and comfortable, but also “rustic.” We want to recreate the magic of summer camp: the campfires, challenges, games and play – but also focus on building an educational program for writers. Other writing retreats will help you tell your story, but won’t provide you with the skills you need to build your platform.

Improve your craft with a 1-on-1 feedback


We’ll be taking over the whole property; you can wander through the woods or ruins, then come back to the house to relax and write, in large indoor & outdoor working area. We’ll have plenty of outlets and the best wifi we can manage. You won’t be sleeping on the ground or cooking over the campfire (much), but it won’t be a 5 star experience either.


  • Writing in a castle created a truly authentic and magical experience for me. I was writing a dragon-shifter romance set in Cornwall during my time at the castle and I absorbed the inspiring and historical accurate atmosphere. It was also amazing to spend time with people from all over the world and share our love of writing.

    Lauren Smith
    Romance Author
  • Writing my first book ever in a castle with a bunch of experienced authors was a huge blessing. When I needed help, there was always someone ready to point me in the right direction. And of course, living in a castle was an adventure of a lifetime – don’t miss your chance!

    Yamile Yemoonyah
    Spirit Guide
  • Being in the castle inspired me in so many ways; the incredible people and ambiance gave me a boost to dream bigger, and the perfect environment to produce more. I’ll carry the great connections and memorable moments for life! I highly recommend it… with a warning that it may change your life.

    Nicole Seelinger
  • Being in a castle with nomads, writers and entrepreneurs for a few weeks is as inspiring as it sounds. The environment provided me with new angles for future projects, and came with new friends that I’ve met up with numerous times since. I definitely would and recommend this to all who seek a truly memorable co-working/co-living experience.

    Peter Beukering
    Travel Blogger

How's this different?

Most writing retreats focus on craft – they help you tell the story you want to tell in the best way possible. I’m much more focused on reader-centric results… which means telling a story readers will love (and pay for).

The vast majority of authors lose money publishing their books, and I want to help writers make a living with books that sell themselves. 

  • Write satisfying stories that readers love
  • Design a book that attracts your audience
  • Launch to #1 on Kindle
  • Increase visibility and maximize earnings

In just three weeks, you’ll get constructive feedback from a PhD in Literature and experience intensive writing techniques to boost your productivity and word count. You’ll leave with a firm outline, first chapter and marketing plan for your next bestseller.


Make your dream a reality

J.K. Rowling checked into a suite at a 5-star hotel near Edinburgh Castle (one of her inspirations for Hogwarts) to finish the 7th Harry Potter book. Take your own bold step.

There is nothing like being able to wake up in the morning in a beautiful, calm location and have the day to devote to your art and whatever inspires you. The people I met at the castle were some of the kindest and encouraging souls, and were a dream to live with and work next to. I still can remember the smell of the fireplace that we gathered around, the taste of the port we sipped, the crisp forest air as we explored the castle ground. Giving myself the time to create and rest was one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

Liz Leo
Writer & Creative Director

I had no idea what to expect going into the NanoCastle experience, but it’s amazing how quickly you can adapt to waking up in an ornate bedroom, swatting away little green bugs, and spending almost your entire day investing in yourself and your story. I have never been more productive! Getting to explore the grounds, share group meals with people from around the world and play with the surprise castle-kitties was the added touch you’d be hard-pressed to find at any other kind of writing retreat. A+, would castle again.

Kristina Horner
Writer & Community Manager at Microsoft
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These prices include 2 meals a day (we’ll take turns preparing a group dinner).


1 week in a shared room
  • Experience of a lifetime
  • Room and board
  • Group coaching
  • Creativity boosting
  • Unblock your genius
  • Brainstorm and plan
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3 weeks in a single room
  • Plot and outline your book
  • Keyword research and branding
  • Write a blurb that will sell
  • Personal marketing strategy
  • Bestseller Status
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If you join the retreat, you'll also get access to Derek's new book marketing course, The 21 Day Bestselling Author Platform. It will launch in 2019 at $997, but if you join the retreat, you'll get it for free.


  • The castle was a magical experience, especially the people and the positive vibes. Everybody was so productive. We´d work and write during the day or go out on an occasional exploration trip. In the evening we´d have dinner, inspiring conversations and share our ideas. And all in the setting of a beautiful castle. It was one of my best experiences.

    Bee Kal
  • Working at NaNoCastle unleashed my creativity, connected me with a lively and inspiring group of people, and reminded me of the importance of taking care of myself with a break from the everyday. It’s like a supercharge for both work and relaxation, and it’s stuck with me as a reminder that the writing experience can be whatever story we want it to be.

    Jacquelyn Judith
    Travel Blogger

What if I don't have a book yet?

If you’re even thinking about writing a book (and you should be), I can help you figure out what it should be, and we can have a title, outline and introduction finished in less than one week.

What will we eat?

Three meals a day, served camp-style. We’ll strive to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Can you help me get published?

No, but I can help you write the type of book that agents are looking for, and teach you to build a platform that will greatly improve your chances. (Though I’ll probably try to sell you on self-publishing, which is the better choice for many authors).

How will I get there?

Travel to the castle is not included in the retreat price – you’ll need to fly into the nearest major airport, then take a train to a local station. I’ll share travel details closer to the event.

Will there be internet?

Yes, and it’ll be decent, but probably not amazing. We recommend getting a local sim card for your phone when you arrive at the airport, most countries have cheap data plans so you can stay connected and share all the amazing pictures you’ll be taking.

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About Your Host

Derek Murphy is a USA Today & WSJ Bestselling author with a PhD in Literature, 10 years experience in publishing, and a foolproof strategy for writing bestsellers. He's sold over 50,000 books and now writes full time. He loves castles, cabins and castles... and hopes to someday have all three.

Want to split a castle with me?

Eventually my dream is to buy a castle and run writing retreats full time. I hope I can inspire you to reimagine what's possible. What's your dream?

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I know not whether some deceitful spirits haunt this spot, or whether it be the warm, celestial fancy in my own heart which makes everything around me seem like paradise—everything imparts a pleasant but sublime impression. 

Goethe, The Genius of Solitude